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Εργαστήριο Μουσικής Ακουστικής και Τεχνολογίας


Dr. Anastasia Georgaki - ​​​​​​Principal Investigator

Dr Anastasia Georgaki (UOA, Professor, Head of the Department of Music Studies, Head of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Recording)

Anastasia Georgaki is Associate Professor in Music Technology at the Music Department of the University of Athens and head of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology of the same Department (

She studied Physics (University of Athens, 1986) and Music (accordion, piano, harmony, counterpoint/Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, 1981-1990) and continued her studies at IRCAM (Paris, 1990-1995) in computer music and music technology (DEA/1991 and PhD/1995 in Music and Musicology of the XXth century, IRCAM/EHESS). During the period 1995-2002 she has been teaching as a lecturer in Music Acoustics and music technology at the Music Department of the Ionian University at Corfu. Since 2002, she is teaching matters in Music Technology at the Music Department of the University of Athens. Since 2008 she is teaching in three different Master programs at the University of Athens and the School of the Fine Arts (music and new media, sound ways of knowledge, digital visual music). She is also supervisor of PhD candidates on the area of singing voice analysis and interactive systems.

She has participated in many international computer music and musicological conferences in Europe, Canada, Latin America and has published around 65 articles concerning the synthesis of the singing voice, the interactive music systems, Greek electroacoustic music composers (Xenakis, Adamis, Logothetis), physical modelling of instruments, music technology in education and acoustic ecology matters. She has chaired and co-chaired seven symposia and conferences as: Music and Computers (Ionian University, 1998), First Greek Symposium on Music Informatics (Ionian University, 2000), International Symposium Iannis Xenakis (University of Athens, 2005), 4th Sound and Music computing Conference 2007 (Lefkada, 2007), Pythagorean views on music and mathematics (Pythagorion, 2009), Anestis Logothetis Tribute (Athens 2012) and the Joint conference ICMC/SMC2014 in Athens (14-20 September 2014: under the special theme: Music technology meets philosophy (from digital Echos to virtual ethos).

She has collaborated also with the Greek research institute ILSP in music information retrieval European projects (Wedelmusic), with IEMA, with the Voice lab of the Department, of Informatics and telecommunication, with the Onassis foundation cultural canter, IRCAM, University of Paris VIII, etc. Her research projects focus on the analysis and acoustics/psychoacoustics of the Greek singing voice, controlling synthetic voices through a MIDI-accordion, the development of tools for the application of new technologies in music creation and education, musicological aspects on the impact of technology in contemporary music creation, methodological issues of music technology in interdisciplinary education, acoustic ecology and soundscapes.

Member of numerous committees in Greece and abroad (member of the SMC steering Committee and ICMA).

She is also a professional accordion player ( and active musician.


Dr. Areti Andreopoulou (Assistant Professor, NKUA)

Dr. Areti Andreopoulou is an Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT) at the University of Athens, Greece. She has a bachelor’s degree in music studies from the University of Athens (2005) and a Master’s (2008) and a Ph.D degree (2014) in music technology from New York University. Her fields of interest include spatial audio, the design and evaluation of immersive environments, auditory displays, acoustics, and data sonification.

Dr Areti Andreopoulou’swork will focus on the implementation of efficient real-time algorithms for the analysis of the human singing voice and the extraction of all necessary features describing one’s performance in terms of tonal and rhythmic accuracy, expressiveness, and pronunciation. In addition, she will supervise and assist in the development of the gamification aspects of the platform, and the design, execution, and analysis of the necessary user studies.


Dr. Iakovos Steinhauer (Assistant Professor, NKUA)

Born in 1973, in Athens. Studies of Music Sciences and Art History at the J. W. Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main. Master of Arts (1999) and Ph.D. at the J. W. Goethe-University (2005 ): “Musical Space und Compositional Object in the Music of Edgard Varèse", published in 2008 (Frankfurter Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft vol. 34, Hans Schneider Verlag).  Since 2019, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Music Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Publications and lectures at the Universities in Athens, Frankfurt/M. and University of Crete (Mihelis-Professorship), on Music Philosophy, Aesthetics, Film music, Music and visual arts, 20th century music analysis, Music and technologies. Stage music compositions at the National Theatres in Wiesbaden and Mannheim.

Dr. Iakovos Steinhauer’sparticipation in this project will evolve around the theoretical foundation and aesthetic evaluation (statistical analysis) of the applied methodology of ASMA, which combines vocal pedagogy and computer technology in a newly emerging interdisciplinary area known as computational aesthetics. He will also be responsible for the publication of the related research in international conferences, as well as for the audiovisual presentations of the project.


Dr. Sofia Stavropoulou (Post-Doctoral Researcher NKUA)

Sofia Stavropoulou was born in Athens and she is a graduate of the Department of Music science and Art at the University of Macedonia. She is also a graduate of the intradepartmental postgraduate program: Music Culture and Communication, of the University of Athens. She holds diplomas in Byzantine Music and  Music Theory Studies and she is postdoc researcher in the Department of Music Studies, at the University of Athens. Her thesis is related to the amelioration of children's singing voice and real time visual feedback software She works as a music teacher in primary education. She is also an adult trainer in public training institutes in the field of Music technology, Sound engineering and Pre-school education. She is a graduate in Singing studies  (class of Mr. Terzakis Zachos).

The main goal of the participation of Sofia Stavropoulouwill be to apply the new vocal pedagogy and computer technology methods to the primary school and to be responsible for the school-related research. She will also be responsible for the platform content, the selection of supported songs, and for addressing any pedagogical issues from the viewpoint of an educator and vocal coach.


Evangelos Angelakis (PhD Candidate, NKUA)

Evangelos Angelakis got his singing Diploma (2000) with a First Prize and Greek Conservatory scholarship. He has a Bachelor’s in Agriculture, a Master’s Degree in “Music Technology” and is a PhD Candidate (UoA). He was a member of the “Centre of Vocal Arts” (1999-2012 Spyros Sakkas) and the “Athens Centre of Ancient Music” (2008-12). He has sung over 25 opera and musical theatre roles, and in numerous concerts. Since 2004 he works in Voice Pedagogy, teaching in Conservatories, Drama Schools and Seminars. He is the author and educator of the University of Athens E-learning Program “The Singing Voice”. He researches the scientific scope of the human voice (Acoustics, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Cognition), and multi-sensor kinesthetic singing pedagogy.

The scope of the research of Evangelos Angelakiswill involve the development of alternative methods for vocal education and their adaptation to primary school students. He will also be responsible for the cognitive study of research results and will offer his support on the design of the platform, from the viewpoint of a lyric singer and vocal coach.


Giorgos Dedousis (PhD Candidate, NKUA)

Giorgos Dedousis is currently a PhD Candidate in the Music Department at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). He holds an Integrated Master Degree from the same Department, a Master’s Degree (MA) from the City University London and a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at the NKUA. He has studied piano and holds degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, and Contemporary Singing. He teaches Theory of Music at the Municipal Conservatory of Aspropyrgos and performs live both his compositions and hia songs in various venues.



Natalia Kotsani (PhD Candidate, NTUA)

Natalia Kotsani is a graduate of the School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences (NTUA), she has a Master’s Degree in «Jazz Music Performance and New Technologies» (UOA) and she is a PhD candidate in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (NTUA). She studied singing techniques and vocal performance, classical piano, jazz piano and improvisation. Since 2009 she has many concerts in Europe and abroad as well as numerous collaborations, either as the lead vocalist of the band «encardia» (since 2011) or following her personal projects. She was a research associate at the Herakleidon Museum in Athens, in the «Art & Mathematics» educational program (2010-2013). As a member of the Computation and Reasoning Lab and the Artificial Intelligence Lab of NTUA, her research interests, pertains to Algorithms & Complexity, Machine Learning Theory, Computational Ethnomusicology and Musical Information Retrieval.

Natalia Kotsaniwill work on the Musical Information Retrieval algorithms, the development of the interactive analysis tools for the singing voice, the SRP’s and VRP’s experimental protocols, the real time analysis of the audio signals, and the development of the adaptive learning system, which will form the foundation of the educational platform ASMA.


Konstantinos Katsantonis (MsC, NKUA)

Konstantinos Katsantonisis responsible for the recording sessions as well as the analysis of the vocal samples, and the determination of the phonetic map, using specialized techniques for the accurate outcome and signal analysis needs.

He is a music technologist, music producer, music/electric guitar and music technology teacher.
He studied at the Department of Music Studies and has a Master's degree in ICT with a specialization in music pedagogy.
He is an external collaborator at the Studio "Music Acoustics and Technology" of the University of Athens in the production of audiovisual material, and an assistant professor (Mr. Anastasia Georgaki, deputy chairman of TMS, director of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology) in courses of sound recording, electronic orchestration, electronic composition, Cubase etc.
She has collaborated with institutions such as the State House of Arts and Letters, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the National Opera (Experimental Stage),
Documenta 14 etc., in the fields of sound recording, mixing and mastering.
He has many years of experience in recordings of acoustic instruments and orchestra ensembles (ASON, Banda del Sol, Philarmonia etc) as well as in live sound at events of the Kapodistrian University and elsewhere.